How to publish a post to WordPress using Microsoft Office Word

I really like to use Microsoft Office Word to write my posts and, of course, publish them directly to WordPress!

So, how to do that?

Easy! Just follow the steps below:

  • Open Microsoft Office Word
  • You will see a template called: “Blog Post”
  • Click on it.

  • Now click on “Create
  • You can see that this template was provided by Microsoft Corporation.

Click on “Register Now”

  • Select your Blog host:
  • In my case, “WordPress

  • Enter your Blog Post URL: https://[your_blog_url]/xmlrpc.php
  • Type your username and password
  • Click ok.
  • Done!

  • In case you are using multi-factor authentication, like me, you must create an application password and use it here as your password.

  • After creating your account, just write your post as you normally do and Publish!

  • Take a look that you can actually use the amazing proofing and spelling from Word…
  • publishe” has been corrected!

  • You can also insert categories from your blog directly here before publishing!

I hope you like, because I really love to write my posts using my Microsoft Office Word!